Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"It's Like Feminism Never Even Happened"

I have to admit something. I watch American Idol. And tonight, I am more than mildy annoyed with how the boys and the girls are treated. Granted, with the exception of Tubby, the boys cannot sing...but Paula told almost every single female contestant that they "looked great out there". Does anyone mention to the boys how great/fabulous/attractive they look? This pisses me off for so many reasons.


Kristi said...

Paula is a lesbian. I knew it.

emily said...

I agree completely, it is annoying as sh*t when Paula says something like, "But it's OK that you can't sing, Antonella, cuz you're a beautiful girl!" Randy and Simon comment on appearance too, which is annoying but in a different, more pedestrian way...although, I was also happy to hear him compliment Lakisha after dissing her last week. Ack, it's a trap! This show is bizarrely retro and shallow and yet it also features some of the most normal-looking women on TV...maybe they'll rename it "American Individual"? Fat chance. ;)

BrokeMom said...

"It's okay, if you can't sing, you can only get by in this world by being beautiful anyways. Want some extra tutoring? At my place?"