Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Brokemom's Spa Guide

Jacuzzis are hard to maintain. First, you have to make sure the water level is right. Too low, and you're gonna' fry the pump/filter. Too high? Grab your 'norkel cuz the waves are a'splashin'!
Then there are the chemicals to deal with. Luckily my city has a very friendly and helpful Spa Store, or we'd have a swamp by now.
The maintainance is worth it when you can grab a glass of your favorite whatever (mine happens to be Diet Pepsi and Malibu rum) and soak away your troubles while looking at the stars. And smacking away mosquitos.
Oh, and don't forget to tell everybody that they'd better shower before they hop in...ring-o-grime-spa is pretty nasty.

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