Monday, September 03, 2007

Why It Takes So Long

If you're in my city, you wonder why it take so long for your worker to get your welfare done. I'll tell you.

Your worker gets to work at 7:30am. Spends 30 minutes listening to voicemails and going through Inbox. At 8:00am there is usually a training or meeting of some kind that lasts until 9:00am. At 9:15am your worker gets an application, and spends 15 minutes gathering the "before" information. (This could be finding your case, checking your income, etc.) Worker than conducts interview until about 10:15 to 10:30am, if it went smoothly with no hidden complications. Worker than has another interview, same deal, hopefully done andback to desk by lunchtime, which is 12:00pm.

Lunch lasts until 12:30pm. Another 30 mintues is spent going through voicemails from that morning, and if Worker is lucky, actually returning those messages. At 1:15pm comes another application, and again an hour later.

Wow, it's 3:30pm, where did the time go? Worker will go back to desk and again field voicemails, most of them from people who have been calling all morning wondering why hasn't my worker called me back auugh omg wtf??.

If your worker is exteremely lucky, they will manage to sneak in a few minutes of processing your case over a few days. The more messages you leave? It doesn't make your case go ANY faster. It actually makes it go SLOWER, because we're spending all of our processing time listening to your fifteen whiny fucking messages about how your friend got her case done faster than yours!

I'll bet your friend didn't call 30 times and hang up after every other one. I do have CallerID. I know it's you.

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Anonymous said...

My mom works for the state..she started out in child support enforcement. I know that people used to get an attitude with her wanting to know where their money was. She had to explain to people over and over that she had no control over when deadbeat parents made the payments.
So I can understand your aggravation..:D..

Oh by the way, I found your blog though blog explosion.