Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Five Things We Learned At Work Today

1. Joel and I are both anti-banana.

2. If I wear my flat brown shoes I will shock the bejeesus out of myself on the copy machine. Every time.

3. Crying will get you what you want. No, not really! Tricked you! You can try though, whatever.

4. Watering the plant after it is dead will not help. Giving it away to a coworker, however, will magically bring it back to life...if you can explain to coworker why you are gifting them with a dead plant, that is.

5. Talk sweetly to the IT man and he will crawl under your desk to plug back in your moniter. Talk snippy to him and he will...well, I think he still has to do it, but maybe not as fast.

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