Monday, October 08, 2007

The Stupidest Conversation I Had Today

Scenario: Welfare Worker (me) at desk answering phone and talking to Clients

Ring! Ring!
WW: "Government Land, this is Welfare Worker!"
Client: "Hi, this is WhinyMom. How come my cash isn't what it was last time?"
WW: "Well, rules change over time, as do budgeting methods blah blah just because."
Client: "Yeah, but how come it's not what it was last time?"
WW: "Income was used in your case, and that amount is averaged over blabble blabble and so you got eleventyten dollars."
Client: "But how come it isn't how much it was last time?"
WW: "You.have.income. You.have.a.job. The whole point of welfare is to get.a.job. so your cash aid goes down, and then you are what we call being self-sufficient. You've done what you're supposed to do!"
*click* WhinyMom hung up on me.


rainstorm39 said...

Not trying to be a smart ass here, but are you sure you made the right career choice? It doesn't seem like you and "welfare worker" go together too well.

BrokeMom said...

I'm actually supposed to stress the whole "get a job" thing pretty hard, the whole point of welfare being to get a job and not be on welfare. But I don't usually, because I feel mean doing it. Sometimes.

Anonymous said...

As someone who knows brokemom very very well, I think she made the perfect career choice for her. It's a high stress job, but she handles it with grace.

Some... scratch that, MOST people are stupid IMO. Those people lacking intelligence find it difficult to find employment in most cases and end up on welfare at one point or another in their lives. Thus, I applaud her for working with so many stupid people and finding humor in her daily ordeals.

(In no way did I say that all people on welfare are stupid and/or unintelligent so before anyone gets their panties in a twist READ the post carefully - because I am sure that there are a few readers out there working with below the minimum capacity of brain cells as well)