Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ten Things 'Bout Whatever

1. The other morning at work I bitched about how fat I am getting. Then I ate four doughnuts. WTF?

2. I tell Husband we don't have any money, but then I buy myself a breakfast sammich on the way to work.

3. I don't participate in organized religion, but I would like my children to have godparents. Only I wouldn't want them to be called that. I just think it's a great way to honor a true friend.

4. I got my tubes tied a few weeks ago. I did something called Essure, and in three more weeks, I can have all the unprotected sex I want. Husband doesn't know what he's in for. Woohoo!

5. J3 is six months old. When he wants his bottle, he says "Ma ma ma ma ma". He is saying "milk", but I sometimes pretend he is saying "mama".

6. J3 is teething and he has caught the sniffles from his sister. He doesn't sleep, which means I don't sleep. I am super fun to be around right now.

7. J1 is a snotty snotty almost-twelve-year-old, but sometimes she is great fun to be around. When she lets her snotness go, she's pretty darn witty and we have a good time together.

8. I almost ate cookie dough for breakfast. Almost. Instead I had toast and coffee.

9. J3 is napping right now, and what the hell am I doing? Blogging. Not sleeping. Blogging.

10. I forgot to take my antidepressant last weekend, and the sides of my head started to...umm, what's the word...tic. Twitch. Right above my ears. I could put my finger on my scalp and feel the vein twitching. It was annoying and annoying. I didn't realize that it was the lack of meds until I started taking them again and it stopped.

11. I know I said ten things, but what the hey. Husband took my "let's conserve electricity" talk to heart and now he unplugs the cofee pot and toaster from the wall when he's done. I only realized this because I waited ten minutes for my toast to pop up this morning before figuring it out.

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