Sunday, July 24, 2005

It Knows What I'm Thinking

I was driving home from a friend's house after a lovely day of swimming and barbecuing. The children asked if we could stop and rent movies. I had a couple bucks, and the thought of the girls upstairs, quietly watching a movie while the downstairs was nice and quiet for me...well, movies were the plan. While we drive to the movie store, I am musing to myself, "Hmm...maybe I should get rid of this van and get something more gas-efficient. Something to think about..."
So we get to the movie store. The kids get out of the car. While we are walking past the front bumper, my eight-year old daughter points to the pavement under the car and says, "Mom, is that supposed to be happening?" bright green liquid supposed to be gushing from the bottom of my minivan that I've only had for a year??!!

Shit shit shit!
The nice movie store man lets me use the phone. I am trying to think of what to call. Not who to call, what. Of course I am going to call my dad. Sheesh! However, a few weeks ago, my Palm Pilot in which I stored yes, past tense all of my phone numbers decided to go dead on me, deleting every phone number I had.
After a couple of false starts, I finally get my dad on his cell phone. Yay, he's right around the corner and will come to the rescue!
Turns out I have a big hole in my radiator hose. And it being Sunday, the auto-part stores all close at 6pm.
My dad gives us a ride home. I get to ride in the back trunk space, as there are no more seats left. I have to leave the van there it the parking lot of the movie store.
Being stressed out, I feel like eating. I know, not good. But don't worry...I cannot go to the store. I don't have a car!!

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fezmonkey said...

Yeah, I guess my ankles are itchy now that you mention it. I guess I just thought I had itchy ankles. Time to bomb my apartment...maybe it'll make it smell better!