Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy Trails To Me

We went camping this weekend. We being me, my two daughters, and my boyfriend. (And I have to admit, it is still weird to say that word, but I am trying...)
It was my five year old's very first camping trip. She absolutely loved it. She was an angel the entire time. I now know how to make her do what I say; allow her to sleep in a tent and eat marshmellows off of a dirty stick. She did tell us on the way up to the campsite, "We forgot to pack the shelf and the TV." As I don't let her watch much television, I have to assume she was kidding...


Ina said...

Duane and I both decided that we want to be the team to test your dirty stick hypothesis about Jade. *laughs*
That's awesome.

"Jade it's time to clean your room"

"No, I don't want to"

"But I have a filthy stick with a sticky pure sugar formulation on the end"


samantha said...

You can make me do anything for a marshmellow on a dirty stick too. You should try it sometime! Haha! Im sorry I missed this, let me know if you guys go again! Will you give your two beautiful daughters hugs for me, I really miss them!