Tuesday, November 28, 2006

10 Things I Like

1. The color green.
My sheets are green. So is the bedspread. I wear green a lot. My bathroom has green towels, as does the kitchen. Green throw rug, green throw pillows. Green lantern, green toothbrush, green socks, green ceramic planters. I could go on all night.

2. Caramel
Mmm...caramel in ice-cream, in coffee, apple pie, cake, whatever. But not on fruit.

3. Daisies
These are my favorite flower.

4. Items shaped like Leaves
Leaf plates, leaf bowls, little leaf votive holders, tablecloths, whatever. They're all so darn cute.

5. Tattoos
I notice them, constantly think about them, watch shows about them, design my next one in my head.

6. Diet Dr. Pepper
I drink a lot of this every day.

7. Sword Swallowing
Seriously, I watched a chick do this and it kinda' turned me on. And then that was gross. Which made it all the more intriguing.

8. Stickers
I don't like to use them, because that would be wasting them. I like to hoard them.

9. Dirty Jobs
This show is freakin hilarious.

10. Drew Barrymore
She was my first crush, before I even knew what a girl-crush was.

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